Packages of Hours


Paid In Full
As a responsible business owner growing your revenue, you have marketing and design needs on a regular basis. Your cash flow is dependent on bringing in new customers, as well as keeping your current client base recurring. If you are committed to your marketing agenda, we can help. Just choose a package of annual hours that works for your goals and your budget. We will guide you through every project and partner with you to create a positive return for your company, your clients, and your bottom-line.


36 Hours

SAVE 33%


60 Hours

SAVE 40%


84 Hours

SAVE 43%


120 Hours

SAVE 50%

Payment Plans

Billed Monthly, 12-Month Agreement
We know that cash flow is important to any size business. That’s why we have created annual payment plans to help spread out the cost of doing business. With these payment plans, you can afford to get a certain number of hours per month, while still getting a great deal on the cost of those hours. Instead of interest or other hidden costs that most loan services pad into their agreements, we only add a small, flat-rate, monthly service fee to help ensure accounts are kept current. Schedule a Discovery Session to see if your business can apply for one of our structured and affordable payment plans.


$550 / Month
3 Hours / Month


$800 / Month
5 Hours / Month


$1,050 / Month
7 Hours / Month


$1,300 / Month
10 Hours / Month

Book Your Initial Discovery Session

Interested in learning more about how to improve your brand and customer response in the global marketplace? Schedule your session today and receive an additional bonus during our call.

What Our Packages Include

On top of our first-rate, high-quality service and better hourly rates, here are a few of the client benefits you will receive as our client.

Trusted Advisor

Principled full-service consulting including: business structure, mindset support, project and contractor management.

Fast Results

Project priority turnaround. Most projects under 10 hours can be delivered within 3 – 7 business days by client request.


Utilize hours when you need them most. Front-load a time-sensitive project with flexible scheduling + time allocation requests.

On Call Response

During regular business days, immediate answer or call back within 4 hours. Off hours return within 24 – 72 hours by request.

Website Updates

We’ll handle your WordPress, CMS, HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, and plugins that require cyclical updating often.

Social Profiles

Branded social profiles and advertising campaigns fuel consumer spending. We’ll keep your marketing working for you.


Whether a need for portraits, product images, or simply some touching up of previous work, we’re here for our clients.

Audio / Video

A wide range of professional polish for your media files: voice overs, intros, outtros, covers, thumbnails, and transitions.