There are a handful of people I have met whose passion for their work is on a par with the passion I have for mine. Moto.Red’s Creative Director is one of these people. This showed up in her devotion, dedication, and diligence to the web site she created for me.

She is aware, intelligent, smart, and wise beyond her years. She is highly skilled in the art of communication — she heard what I said and understood the meaning underneath my words. Her willingness and desire to collaborate with me made our time together effortless, smooth, and enjoyable.

She is a technically savvy, artistically gifted, creative woman. I will not hesitate to have her help me with the future promotion of my Coaching practice.

Brenda Miller, CPC

Founder / CEO, Radical Awareness® Coach

Great customer service, professional delivery, and excellent experience all around.

John Diefendorf

Founder / CEO, Derflan Inc., Spurgo, Virsera

I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate Ruby’s redesign of my website! It looks much cleaner and easier to navigate. Plus, she also designed a kick-butt logo for my art business that I get a lot of compliments on. I also appreciate her documentation of the tutorials and structure that she set in place for me through WordPress, Asana, MailChimp, Paypal, etc. to help me create a better platform so I can add any updates when necessary. She is fast, and really knows her stuff around design and implementation.

Laura Cameron

Founder / CEO, Laura Diane Cameron

Moto.Red has been the mastermind behind two of my logos. The very first logo was pure genius. They asked the right questions, in the right way to get the best out of all our team members’ personalities. Then they were able to design those personalities into a master piece. The second logo, I was able to come to them with a conceptual design already done. Moto.Red was able to use it to make something truly magical. This Creative Director is truly talented and in tune with their craft.

Leah Fritz

Founder / CEO, Results Networking

I invested in design consultations with Moto.Red’s Creative Director when I needed a professional homepage to reflect my business. The creative ideas and expert technical advice were absolutely invaluable. They took all of my requirements on board to help me build a homepage that gave me the professional look I was aiming for, while still merging seamlessly with my existing branding.

June Gilbank

Author, Technical Writer, Crochet Designer, and Web Developer, PlanetJune

Ruby has worked with me on both personal and business issues. First we cleared some personal blocks that were preventing me from thinking BIGGER, then on the genesis of my businesses, and we continue to work together to keep the flow going and grow my businesses!

She has been instrumental in keeping me grounded and forward thinking, not getting caught up in the mire of negative thinking, and giving me the push I need every so often to keep moving forward!

I would highly recommend anyone who feels uncertainty in their life, work with Ruby. She will help you come to clarity about what your right path is and how to take the next steps.

Olivia Latham

Founder / CEO, Seattle Sugar Spa

I love the work that Moto.Red Design House does. The flyer that was created for me was exactly what I was looking for. Each step of the process was reviewed with me to make sure that I was 100% happy with the product. Can’t wait to work with Ruby again!

Erin O'Connell

Founder / CEO, Design + Style by Erin

I really appreciated the perspective Ruby shared in our meeting. She gave me a new way of looking at branding and what a business card’s mission is. I was able to immediately apply the information I received. She definitely knows her stuff. I was recommended to her by someone else and I was not steered wrong.

Indigo Ocean-Dutton

Founder / CEO, Awaken Business Consulting

Working with Ruby, and her company as a whole, was a truly easy and fun experience. She works with you not against you. She listens to your ideas and puts them to paper. She adds her creative touches and makes your needs and wants come to fruition. A pleasure to have in your corner. She genuinely hopes for your success and revels in being a part of it. I thank her often and recommend her always!

Amanda Fredericks

Founder / CEO, Necessity Bags

Ruby did a great job with the graphics work I needed. I can highly recommend her for any project. A real pro. You really do get what you pay for with her work. Top notch graphic design!

Dennis Vander Houwen

Working with Moto.Red’s Creative Director has been life changing! She has helped my software startup with mobile app design, logo, website, business cards, marketing materials and vision development. She has the ability to take your ideas and create a beautiful and professional image for your company. I have utilized her creativity for years now and I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

Emily Johnson

Co-Founder + Medical Aesthetician, Emily Elizabeth Skincare Studio, SkinCare SideKick

A compelling Image reflecting the heart of who you and your business are cannot be accurately imparted from a generic stock design library or inexpensive crowdsourcing service.

Ruby intuitively gains insight from a simple series of conversations, then creates a compelling manifestation that connects you with your ideal clients on a deeper level.

She has changed my business and whom I do business with for the better.

Lisa Crunick

Founder / CEO, Catalyst for Emotional Change