Seattle Sugar Spa

Seattle and Edmonds, Washington, USA

Industry: Spa and Beauty

Seattle Sugar Spa is a boutique spa with a honed focus on skincare and hair removal. Our staff is specifically trained in techniques and products that bring out the best in our clients skin.

Key Terms: Hair Removal, Sugaring, Skincare, Lashes, Massage, Esthetics, Esthetician, Cosmetologist.

Creating the Logo

1. Easily recognizable as the product/service the spa is promoting.
2. Clearly establish where the company is located.
3. Have an organic feel, yet a corporate-style polished finish.
4. Able to reproduce beautifully across all print and online mediums.

Color Speaks Volumes

When formulating the palette for Seattle Sugar Spa, there were many factors that needed to be considered:
1. Seattle Sugar Spa had been previously using a myriad of browns and greens in its marketing.
2. The company’s predecessor, Bay’s Garden, had also been known for its green palette leaning.
3. The owner’s preferential color combination was brown and green.
4. The company’s existing marketing materials and general color selection had already impacted its market in a positive way.
5. The main product/service promoted, Sugaring, is a golden honey color and is instantly recognizable.
6. All brand colors chosen needed to create a bridge from old to new as seamlessly as possible, so that the current client base would effortlessly adapt to the new branding and the loyalty would not only continue, but improve.

Planning for Multiple Locations

With many locations in mind for the near future, it was a major planning factor around choosing color sets that:


Leaned heavily to the main brand colors of gold and brown.


Created a sense of place and connection within each space.


Was easily recognizable and acknowledged by existing spa clientele.


Spoke to each location uniquely, while still tying into the main brand.


Conveyed inherent consistency and loyalty to the brand’s new look and feel.

Bi-Fold Gift Container Wrap
11″ x 8.5″
Promotional brochure or label style wrap features perforated tear-off coupons.

Shirt Design V01
Logo + Text
Basic version of the branded spa team shirts.

A-Frame Vinyl
24″ x 32″
Dry erase treated vinyl over wood a-frame street-side board.

Event PostCard
4″ x 6″
Front. Promotion for Grand Opening event.

Event PostCard
4″ x 6″
Back. Promotion for Grand Opening event.

Event Poster
11″ x 17″
Promotion for Grand Opening event.