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Review for Graphic + Print Design

Ruby has a unique gift of creativity and intuitive insight. She helped guide me through my first website logo, content, and design. She was able to ask the right questions and pull forth what was really underneath the anxiety of putting my business out there publicly. She knew when I needed to be pushed and when I needed to talk something through. I would recommend Ruby to anyone, she’s professional, respected my time, and was fun to work with. Who knew creating a website from scratch would be so fun and easy!!!!

Review for Web Design + Development
No more stagnant site!

Ruby recommended a great, fluid theme and was patient with me as we set it up. Even though it has a few moving parts, it’s pleasant to look at and not overwhelming for me, and I get way more compliments on it’s aesthetics.

Review for Creative Coaching + Consulting Work
She knows her business!

Productive and insightful sessions. Highly recommended!

Review for Graphic + Print Design
Logo Design

Ruby did an amazing job creating the logos for my companies: Project Clutter, Project Right Size, Project My Land, and Project Move Forward. I am so excited and can’t wait to launch now that we have a branded, unified face to share with the world. I go to Ruby for all my logo creations — she is amazing.

Review for Graphic + Print Design
Intuitive Logo Design

Worked with Moto.Red Design House again, this time for a logo. Awesome new logo for my new Winning Start site created through such an easy process. Special props to her for moving me from “I just want clean text” to something that visually conveys the deepest message of the entire endeavor… and without ever making me feel like I was being asked to change my mind, until I already had! Love that she also gave me all the little bits I need for favicon, business cards, different color backgrounds, etc. You rock, Ruby!

Review for Graphic + Print Design
Exactly What I Wanted!

I love the work that Moto.Red Design House does. The flyer that was created for me was exactly what I was looking for. Each step of the process was discussed with me to make sure that I was 100% happy with the product. I can’t wait to work with Ruby again in the near future!

Review for Retail + Product Design
Full Service Design

I have been working with Moto.Red for many years and can’t imagine going with anyone else. They have designed multiple logos, a website, a mobile app, business cards, and marketing materials for my software company. Deliveries are prompt and the design is professional in keeping up with current market trends. They are a joy to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Review for Graphic + Print Design
Artistic, Smart Design!

Ruby is a very artistic, creative, and patient person! Detailed in every way. Very smart design that is unique, too. She offered what was best for my salon’s design direction, designed everything as agreed, then provided all of the files I needed for the work to be printed. I am very happy I met Ruby. Wonderful woman and designer!